Returned & Services League of Australia
Bunbury Sub-Branch

Bunbury RSL have finalised the annual Mother’s Day Raffle for 2019.

Another successful year, our thanks go to the Supporters, the organising committee, ticket sellers and especially to the members of the public who supported Bunbury RSL by purchasing tickets.

The prizes were drawn at Bunbury RSL on the 8th May 2019, winners details below. All prizes to be collected from Bunbury RSL Office, 19 Spencer Street, Bunbury. 09:00AM to 12:00 Noon, Monday – Friday.

1st 1659 A Mitchell
2nd 7928 S Young
3rd 4025 L Mayne
4th 5209 Maree
5th 4549 G Price
6th 7927 Cathryne
7th 3578 Osborne
8th 4716 V French
9th 2731 L Evans
10th 709 A Donnan
11th 3586 L Hough
12th 6707 K Biggs
13th 6434 E Broderick
14th 7601 C Mansell
15th 6216 M Sutherland
16th 3566 J Kohler
17th 3542 M True
18th 2437 R Taylor